LatinaVIDA360: Latina Leaders in Conversation

BeVisible and LatinaVIDA have partnered together to bring you LatinaVIDA360: Latina Leaders in Conversation.  Each podcast features a successful Latina in the executive ranks, innovators, and leading figures across all sectors.  Women are invited to share their story, discuss how they arrived at their current role, and what they might say to their younger self.  The are far reaching conversations looking at work, life, family, and community and hosted by Maria Hernandez (co-founder, LatinaVIDA), Cecilia Mota, Executive Director of LatinaVIDA or Andrea Guendelman, Founder of BeVisible. These podcasts are done in English or Spanish based on the interviewee’s preference or a mix of both languages as the interview unfolds.  Inquiries about corporate sponsorships for a podcast or a series can be sent to or support us by creating your account at ChangeBowl

LatinaVIDA360 Episode 18.1 - Interview with Marcela Davison Aviles

BeVisible Presents LatinaVIDA360: Latina Leaders in Conversation. In this episode Maria Hernandez, Co-Founder of LatinaVIDA interview Marcela Davison Aviles, one of the cultural consultants who worked on the block buster Pixar film Coco. This podcast covers her early roots, how she became one of Disney's highly sought out cultural consultants. She shares what the film Coco represents for the Latino community and her advice for other Latinas eager to enter the entertainment field.

LatinaVIDA360 Episode 18.2 - Interview with Rose Castillo Gilbault

Rose Guilbault is a trail blazer in the competitive field of broadcast journalism and mass media. She was the first Latina to hold the role of Editorial Director at ABC News San Francisco and the first Latina contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle. Rose holds many other firsts that are all the more remarkable as the daughter of a farmworker in the tomato fields of Salinas, California. Listen in as she tells her story and her suggestions for anyone seeking to enter a career in journalism today.