What Is LatinaVIDA™?

Only 3% of all professionals and executives in the US work force are Latinas.  LatinaVIDA™ is a unique learning experience designed by Latinas with senior executive experience eager to share lessons learned to support  the next generation of Latinas.  The focus of this seminar and coaching series is to increase the presence of Latinas in leadership roles in the private, public and nonprofit sector.  LatinaVIDA™  provides a foundation for navigating the complex career strategies necessary for success in today's competitive and fast paced work environment. 


Who attends LatinaVIDA™?

If you are about to enter the workforce or you are planning on the next stage of your professional career, LatinaVIDA™ is ideal for you.  Our program participants are often recent graduates starting their first professional job, women who want to be considered for executive roles, and women in transition looking for new opportunities.   Many of our participants are first in their family to enter a professional work role.  

What can I expect to learn? 

LatinaVIDA™explores the link between your cultural heritage and the key activities that can shape your career: personal branding, communication skills, executive presence, networking and work-life blend. The materials and presentations are based on the latest research and workplace trends that support Latina success in a wide range of industries. After your seminar, you will be given the opportunity to join four on-line coaching sessions to continue developing your skills and strategies for success, as well as build your network of support.